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Here comes another reel

This is more than I can feel

The pressure cooker in my head

The sweat freezer on my feet

My temperature from 111 to 999

Paracetamol and water, they said

Earthquake shivers in my bed


My GP on the phone, on my chair

How about a pay rise instead of a clap, for all the care

Anxiety on the roof

Diazepam on the floor

Amoxicillin & Co-codamol 

Hallucinations of Mogadishu Mall 

Head under the pillow

Non-stop sirens through my window

Corona won’t let me stand, sit or lie

Lord give me the strength to kneel

Before you let my soul fly


Washed our hands to Diana effect

Kept our distance like savannah space 

Still we suffer the most without a trace

Suicide watch on my niece 

My pregnant cousin can’t breathe

You used to save lives with resuscitators

Now you turn off elders’ ventilators 


Here comes another scream, tell me it’s a bad dream

Chasing me from the bathroom to the bedroom

Bangs his head on my new cell

Self-quarantine is a cruel jail

It won’t let me tend to my toddler’s pain

When did hugs for a remedy, become feeling like a felony?


Just when you thought you’re on the mend

Here comes another bend

My senses just returned

After I felt my brain burn

Never thought the smell of bleach 

Would bring as much pleasure as my wife’s Chanel 

5 Nights no sleep, 5Gs now creep in our streets

How essential, let’s not mention 

“Letter Boxes and Piccaninnies with Watermelon Smiles” 

Can’t stay home with empty pockets and fridges 


If only we followed your orders

When you used to tell us to go back home

Wouldn’t have lost loved ones without goodbyes 

Now my old, wise and even little Abdi’s have gone

No funeral, no time to mourn

The price we pay for having strong family ties


Nightmare on Downing Street on my screen

The lies that make you just want to scream

Daily briefings with no care for bereavements

So many dears under six feet, like rotten meat

Too many broken hearts to mend

When is this horror movie going to end?

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