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This was translated into English by the scholar of Somali language and literature, Professor Martin Orwin, of the London School of African and Oriental Studies.
Mother’s Womb
You, the abundant light
That my eyes graze on
Do not take me lightly
You who shared
My mother’s womb
You born of my father’s back
Who shared the breast
We weaned from the same
I shall never forget you
Two born of a father
Children who are brothers
Who, whatever occurs
Help and lend
Each other a hand
The soul is a pledge
At the time of my death
It’s you who’ll place me
In the grave, and your hand
Throw the final soil
My human inheritance
The one closest to me
The trials of the world
Have brought us apart
I cannot endure
Being on my own
I sway with melancholy
I’m no better off
Than a lone son.

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